Friday, July 21, 2017

Did Somebody Just Cancel The Dobranos' Final Syndication Run?




NVG is keeping track of all this over at his place.

The Dobranos?....'Twas a really, really big Golden Era Shew.
Hang on a second!....Thanks (once again) to the FOI digging of Bob Mackin, we have learned that there is a two-hatted a spin-off series running that is set to jump the Paragon shark any day now...Sheesh.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Remember....They Only Smear Those They Fear Most.



Look what the former astro-turf layer for great the Ice Bomb bridge taxpayer schmozzlepalooza was up to yesterday:


Let's ignore the absurdity of suggesting that our fine constabulary has something against civil rights for the moment.

And, instead, how about we return to the days of yesteryear, circa 201l?

Which, perhaps not coincidentally, was the last time Ms. Christy Clark actually managed to beat a guy named Eby, who was unknown provincially at the time, in a by-election squeaker. Interestingly, in the run-up to voting day Ms. Clark levelled essentially the same smear at Mr. Eby.

Here's what I wrote about that at the time:


It would appear that things have tightened a little in the Point Grey by-election.

How do we know this?

Because Christy Clark, debate no-show kill button still in hand, has suddenly gone negative on David Eby calling him an extremist due to his work for civil rights and social justice.


There is only one person running in tomorrow's bye-bye in creme-de-la-creme ville who has proven that she is an extremist once in power


Before the slash and burning started in earnest to clear out the social slag that would facilitate Gordon Campbell's really, really big plans to privatize everything there was first the BC Liberal Party's 2001 election platform.

An election platform that was co-written by Christy Clark.

And before there was the privatization of the Ferries, and the Railway, and the Roads, and the Bridges, and the Subway, and the Hospital Services, and the MSP Billing, and the Accounting, and the Rivers, there was the privatization of many, many services delivered by the Ministry of Child and Family Development.

And when the latter all blew up with the Doug Walls/CareNET debacle that cost subsequently cost taxpayers millions, who did Gordon Campbell immediately put in charge of Child and Family Development?

Why, none other than...


Christy Clark.


Does all of this mean that the wizardry is up to its old tricks once again?

That 2011 bye-bye between Clark and Eby really was a squeaker....And, in addition, to telephone pole paste-up smears in the pointiest parts of Point Grey there was also....This (Bonjour GAB!).
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the kind of codswallop spouted by the good Mr. Batemen and Ms. Clark, above, has not the exclusive domain of BC Liberal leaders and bought-and-paid-for surrogates....Heckfire!...Sometimes, as you might have already guessed, proMedia Club members have gotten into the act as well (with the help, of course, of the surrogates).


Friday, July 14, 2017

The Front Man....Mount Polley's Pictures On His Mind


The following is just one of many extremely troubling bits of PR flack-hackery engineered by the wizards behind the Curtain of Clarklandia in the days after the Mount Polley mine disaster, as told to us by Jeremy Nuttall in the Tyee:

...In another brief email Clark’s then director of communications Ben Chin said he had spoken to “Jas” about impending TV news coverage of the spill. The reference, following earlier emails on Global TV’s coverage, appears to refer to Jas Johal, then a Global reporter.

“Just finished talking to Jas... it’s just a heads up, not an interview request. He tells me the pictures at 6 will be very graphic. Imperial (Metals, owned by big BCLiberal donor and fundraiser Murray Edwards) should get out in front,” Chin wrote...

As we have said many, many times 'round here*....

There is a Club.

And many of its most distinguished members definitely do not work for you and me.

Which is why the keepers of the Club should get absolutely none of our legacy media buyout money.


*Thanks to the opening of our eyes as to the depth and extent of Club membership goes to our old friend Ian Reid.


FOI Friday: Apparently....


....The CEO Of BC Hydro Will Grant Front Groups Permission To Do Any And All Things Political.

From the FOI digging of, who else...

Bob Mackin:


June 7th.

Weren't we in a weird non-ledge/fake bills comin' limbo right about then?


Jeremy Nuttall also has an FOI-based story up that will make the hair on the back of your neck spontaneously combust in today's Tyee....It's about Mt Polley. (post coming on that)


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

One More Big Money 'N Treasure Story That The Local ProMedia Can No Longer Ignore.


Here is the lede:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — No nursing home wants to be known for uncertainty and intrigue.

So a Canadian retirement home chain found itself in an uncomfortable position last year when it agreed to be bought by a politically connected Chinese company with a shadowy group of owners. Regulators approved the deal even though the buyer was under regulatory scrutiny in the United States, and while critics in Canada questioned the identities of its local representatives.

Today, the chairman of the Chinese buyer, Anbang Insurance Group, is being held by the Chinese police for undisclosed reasons — and critics say the deal represents the latest example of Canada’s troublingly lax attitude toward Chinese money flooding into the country...

Why can local proMedia Club members no longer ignore the story?

Because the lede, above, comes from a just published piece in the New York Times.

And this time it is not even under Dan Levin's byline.

Instead, it's a DealBook deal from Kevin Wong. 

Go figure.


Monday, July 10, 2017

The Last Remnant Of Clarkland...Those Who Did Not Pay Still Don't Play.


Even, it would appear, when it really matters and the game is for real.

The following is the lede of piece by Josh Duncan in Kamloops Now:

The owner of the (Mars waterbomber) tanker, Wayne Coulson, posted a statement to Facebook late on Sunday night saying that Coulson Aviation has offered support.

“On Saturday, we offered the B.C. Government our available aircraft and have heard nothing back as of tonight,” the statement said. “We have offered two Sikorsky S-61 heavy-lift helicopters, each with a 4000 litre capacity and one S-76 command and control helicopter that was in Australia this Spring and is approved to fight fire at night with our Night Vision Goggle capability....

What's it really all about this time Alfie?

Well, unlike at least one of the BC Liberals go-to aviation companies, Mr. Coulson both kicked up a fuss and refused to pay awhile back. As a result Coulson and Co. were essentially shut out of the firefighting business in British Columbia.

Laila Yuile laid it all out in a piece three summers ago:

...(I)t was the spring of 2013 when the owner of the Coulson group came out strongly against the  BC Liberals prior to the election, and the poor Liberal forest policies that impacted small communities all over the province...

...(Competing aviation co.) Conair has donated exclusively to the BC Liberals since 2005, with one donation in the spring to the BCNDP when it appeared they may win the last election (in 2013)...

Go figure.

Jane Doe has more, on the Twittmachine. 


Sunday, July 09, 2017

Local Labour Group Demonized By BC Liberal Wizardry Does The Right Thing.


Brought to us by Simon Little and the fine folks at the NWGlobalHydrahead:

A Kamloops-area branch of the United Steelworkers union is spending its weekend feeding, and in some cases, housing wildfire evacuees.

Kyle Wolff, president of United Steelworkers Local 7619 which represents the Teck Highland Valley Copper Mine, spearheaded the effort...


....The volunteers have set up a mobile kitchen at Kamloops’ McArthur Island evacuation centre, where Wolff says they’re feeding both evacuees and stranded travellers from as far away as Vancouver and Prince George.

He (Wolff) says multiple people have also stepped forward to open their homes to strangers with nowhere to stay.

“As funny as it sounds, I didn’t expect anything different. We’ve always been there for the community and any time we’ve ever reached out for assistance we get more phone calls than I can handle. I had to at one point send people home, because we had too many volunteers, which is not a bad thing,” Wolff said...


Where's that Wizardry-driven troll truck now?

And look who just arrived (late Sunday morning) looking for her 'I Am Linda' Antidote.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

No More Days Of Clarkland...The Deed Is Done!


Celebratory tunes coming!

I spent the evening in the lab scoring freshly stained tissue microarrays....The codswallop in the ledge over the last few days had been making me crazy so I purposely unplugged and didn't pay attention to either news reports or the twittmachine after the non-confidence vote came down this afternoon...Thus, I did not learn of this thing until almost 11:00pm...And it was not the proMedia that told me...Instead it was readers on the comment thread to the last post of the Last Doomed Day...What a way to end it...Thanks everyone!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Last Doomed Day In Clarkland...The Dean Takes A Stand.



...The New Democrats and Greens have given serious thought to managing the challenges in the legislature. They have already concluded they can make do without unilateral changes in the standing orders. Perhaps they have other solutions as well.

If sufficiently satisfied by those assurances to call on Horgan to form a government, the Lt.-Gov. could further ask the premier-designate to recall the legislature in short order and demonstrate he has the confidence of the house.

Granted there would be no guarantees that the power-sharing arrangement could be made to work for long. But in my view it would be more prudent to give it a chance, rather than declare it a failure based on self-serving suppositions of a scheming premier.

But here's the thing.

What should we all do if Ms. Guichon does not do the good Mr. Palmer's suggested 'prudent' thing?


The Last Doomed Day Of Clarkland...100% Dead Wrong One Last Time.


First this, from The Tyee's Andrew MacLeod on the Twittmachine:


Didn't the coalition demonstrably demonstrate, unequivocally, that they can and will collaborate when they voted earlier this week to kibosh the good Ms. Clark's fake (i.e. folks like the great bunch at SNC Lavelin would love it because they would still be able to give the Crony Party of their choice a million bucks whenever they want to) BigMoneyBanBill?

Just sayin'...

What it really comes down to in the wake of Craig James' 'speech' to the Ledge last week and Mike de Jong's codswallopanarianism this week re: the speaker is the following....Is the fix already in?
And I'm not talking about constitutionality, or legal standing, or even convention here...Instead, I'm talking about what the wizards are willing to do?...And don't forget that, in the past, they have been willing to do a lot, many times over...
I really do hope that the answer is a resounding 'No'....However, I think it would be foolish not to be prepared for the opposite given the stakes involved and the wizards' past performance.